Meet the Author: Jeremy Fiebig

Hey! I’m Jeremy.

I’m a storyteller by trade…

This book, too, begins as a story – a drama – about fires, in which I am the thing that is on fire. Therefore, it is a drama about trauma. And for that reason, I probably have no business writing it. I am not a therapist. I am not a psychologist. I am barely a body expert. There is likely very little I have to say that is new or even terribly insightful about trauma or the ventures into recovery I’ll mention. Even my central image – fire – is not new. Phoenixes have risen from ashes for quite some time. What’s more, if I’m fuel for the bonfires I’ll describe later on, I’m still burning. But here we are. We might as well grab a beer and cook some hotdogs.

There I am. Life on fire. All parts. Things I’ve built are burning like crazy. Relationships torched. Burned out on work. Burned out on stuff I used to love. Fried. It does matter how I got there, don’t get me wrong. For now, though, let’s return to that image of a person and the spaces they belong to, for good reasons and bad ones, collapsed from burning too hot for too long. Some of you have been there.

What brought me from that place of all-consuming flames to building my own controlled burns is the story I share in this book. My Work shared in this body of work, inviting you to your own place of Work.

Join me?


PLACEHOLDER COPY FOR THE “OFFICIAL” bio part — if you want it: Shakespeare + Theatre Prof, Joymaker, Director, Actor, Coach, and Consultant helping folks delight their communities through transformational events, stories, and content that earn vibrancy, value, and investment.

“…Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque…”

Jason Doe

“…Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque…”

Jason Doe

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