Fire Starters & Kindling

Our little bonfire of a book here is soon to fade into embers. What I hope to leave you with is enough kindling and spark from the fire I’ve burned here so that you can start your own, and so you can gather with me over time in a kind of campfire community. What follows are some types of “Kindling” – fire-starting tips for getting your own Bonfire Experience going.

The Glossary

The definitions that shaped Controlled Burn – The book & the movement.

The Instructions

How to Build a Bonfire Experience – Even in your everyday.

The Reflections

Questions worth asking.
Pages worth burning.

Join us for Live Bonfire Experiences sometimes, too… Here’s where to find us.

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Controlled Burn is a community. A collective of those who are intentionally creating thin places, clearing the brush, dancing among the flames, and sharing stories around the campfires of life. From time to time, we’d like to share updates, gathering details, and more with that community. Want in? Add your email below.

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