This is an invitation to set your life on fire


a book & blog by Jeremy Fiebig

The book is a book about fires – figuratively speaking.
The blog is a blog that continues and extends the work of the book, building communities around the idea of Bonfire Experiences.
The ones that entrance us. The ones that gather us. The ones that consume us.

The ones we find ourselves at the center of. The ones we set ourselves.

In this we can find the light to make our way to the Deep Work from personal crisis to self-renewal to celebration and joy-finding.

Live Events

In an unconventional approach to the book tour experience, we invite you instead to circle up in communities for burning, storytelling & more.

Start Your Own Fire

Projects, essays, reflections, and other sundries that may help you thin out the ground a bit and make space for a fire of your own.

About Jeremy Fiebig

Learn more about the who and why behind this project. How time spent in a personal darkness is now spreading light for us all.

“Through his illuminated descriptions of his own experiences with ‘active burning’, the author allows us access to alternate perspectives and viewpoints into the duality of the nature of creation and destruction, and why both are necessary in order to find true balance in all aspects of one’s life.”


“Jeremy’s book is a moving account of the sort of growing crisis that can creep into someone’s life unnoticed until they look around and realize it has become pervasive and debilitating. In describing his path out of his own unhappiness, Jeremy hits on a potent metaphor of burning and bonfires, and the healing power of creative energy, spiritual renewal, community, and carefully managed destruction. It is a valuable work of personal memoir and a helpful guide for anyone looking to break free from corrosive and unfulfilling patterns of behavior, and replace them with sources of warmth and renewal.


“Controlled Burn is both a vulnerable memoir and a functional workbook centered on setting your life on fire (in a good way, as the author reminds us.) Fiebig uses fire as a flexible language for presenting kindling to the reader and, perhaps most importantly, invites the reader to light some fires of their own.”


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Controlled Burn is a community. A collective of those who are intentionally creating thin places, clearing the brush, dancing among the flames, and sharing stories around the campfires of life. From time to time, we’d like to share updates, gathering details, and more with that community. Want in? Add your email below.

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